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March 2020,

I hope all is well! While we wait out the next few weeks. The markets and home life will return to a better, healthier place to be in and a cleaner environment for all. Remember every seller in these markets, has a buyer! After the rain, comes the rainbow.

My investment advisers are already indicating thoughtful opportunities in the markets. People working from home and going back to work, indicating optimism and the stock market will show this positive response before the media does, so let’s hope this trend continues without much news.

We are in the process of creating a new alternative to the conventional mortgage by way of using a REIT as opposed to conventional banking. Simple interest vs compound interest is part of the matrix, with the trust structure turning debt to equity and paying a dividend. Essentially the home buyer would own a home in about half the time it takes with a conventional 30 year mortgage.

We currently have about ten investment units available for $15,000 CAD each, to close the first round of funding. Additional finance metrics available under our NDA.
After this round is closed, the legal process to the second round becomes public and officially launches the offering, expecting to take about 18 months to complete. An offering to the public to use the instrument in their home refinancing purposes, including investment rental properties and developments. The process offers ownership of a property or home in less time, less interest and more equity through significant savings in interest, plus earnings on the trust.

I thought of you and your group as sophisticated investors and this is a real estate investment with minimal investment of $15,000 per unit. The group and it’s advisers have invested immense time and legal advice to create this offering hence a NDA is required prior to the full release to you.

Let me know if you and any of your colleagues may have an interest ?

I personally have many builders and users ready and wanting to sign up for the product once it is available to the general market in Canada and the United States.
Bottom line owning a unit in the REIT will grow faster than having a bank own your home for 30 years. The capital increase on the value remains to the owner of the home, which is the same as the current principle home ownership tax free benefits that exist today.
The guys are available for any and all teleconferences as well to any of your interested investors, to answer any and all inquires any time.

Hope you do not find this too optimistic but I thought of you and your group as potential investors and then beneficially the owners in the future.

Best regards,
M. Shane David

EMAIL shane.david (at) 808land .com

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