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Green Energy New Technology

808 Land Co. Ltd. Patents solar wind geothermal Installation industrial or privatereal-goods-solar-install

Learn and save on your new energy efficient home. 808 Land has the distribution rights to new energy patents effecting sensible solar, wind and geothermal energy system installations for new home development.

Patents saving over 75% on the installation of new energy systems.

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We are so very happy to have crossed paths with you!

808 Lands would very much like to hear about your project. Whether it is private, public, or a partnership we would like to know how it’s going.

Many vehicles exist for excellent delivery of infrastructure. 808 Lands suggests each project is unique and requires effective, efficient managers to accomplish the desired goals and objectives.

808 Lands works with award winning, senior, best-of-class managers and facilitators in compatible public or private stake-holder cooperatives.

We have fundamentally changed the rules for public or private partnerships and the delivery of infrastructure.

808s mission; To commission your project on time and on budget.

808 Lands Stalking-Horse RFP’s

808 Land Co. Ltd. has the capability to deliver a project with an accelerated critical path by structuring the proposal under a Stalking Horse Agreement (SHA).

Assuring the procurement process integrity in any public or private commercial transaction is imperative.

Initiate the imperative by inviting 808’s Consortium of senior best-of-class professionals working in the legal, finance, design, development, construction and maintenance industries to your project. 808 delivering informed innovation and market sensitive decision making, assisting any commercial infrastructure activities and goals.

Integrating development activities within our stakeholder cooperative leads to increased efficiency through compatibility.

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Public or Private Infrastructure Projects

808 Land Co. Ltd. delivers, working with the companies and the communities planning, monetizing  building, managing and maintaining  on-target infrastructure projects of any scope.

The company can help accelerate your projects critical path through the procedural knowledge of its senior managers and industry experts working with your projects core development management group.

Contact us today for a confidential consultation about your planning and your partners.

All our best in 2013

808 Land sends warmest wishes and all the best for 2013.

The company expects great activity for the year in the Alberta and British Columbia markets.

The company has long term management contracts and land acquisitions under way for the period.

We look forward to enquirers and participants in our RFP processes and ongoing land development contract supply for many projects.

Best regards and blessings,
808 Land Co. Ltd.