Infrastructure Partnerships



Public, Private or Partnership Infrastructure and Development Projects

808 Land Co. Ltd. has the capability to deliver a project with an accelerated critical path by structuring the proposal under a Stalking Horse Agreement (SHA).

Assuring the procurement process integrity in any public or private commercial transaction is imperative.

Initiate the imperative by inviting 808′s Consortium of senior best-of-class professionals working in the legal, finance, design, development, construction and maintenance industries to your project. Delivering informed innovation and market sensitive decision making can assist any commercial infrastructure activities and goals. Integrating development activities within our stakeholder cooperative leads to increased efficiency through compatibility.

The Stalking Horse bid concept poses an opportunity to have both market sensitive decision making and public or private sector procurement integrity. Assuring the use of this concept will sustain both of the above objectives accepting that procurement integrity is informed by two central factors: transparency and competition. Any significant commercial advances by enterprise on a public or private project that avoids or is seen to have avoided, those two factors will likely encounter problems.

By using a Stalking Horse methodology, the project receives maximum potential innovation from the private sector on a sole sourced basis, but retains unto itself a method to assure a transparent and competitive process for selecting the successful bidder.